Zoe The Zombie Hunter: The RPG

“In every generation a Hunter is born. One

girl in the whole world--the Chosen. She

alone will stand against the zombies, the

demons and the forces of evil.”

For seven seasons, audiences around the world thrilled to the exciting adventures of Zoe the Zombie Hunter and her “Josie Gang” of friends as they braved the horrors of high school, suffered heartbreaks, and occasionally fought monsters.

Now you and your friends can live your own Sunnyvale adventures with the Zoe the Zombie Hunter Role Playing Game. This 76-page PDF contains background information, GM advice, and everything else you need to adapt the Zoeverse to your role-playing game. Best of all, it’s completely Free!

ZTZH uses the QAGS Second Edition rules, available from Hex Games.

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Published on  July 1st, 2013